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JCG Bits Productions is an independent Film Production company headquartered in Bolzano,

South Tyrol, Italy


The company merges the experiences of its two founders:


Caterina Gabanella is the Artistic Director. Caterina brings her experience in the Italian film Industry and her creative talent, already expressed in a few years of activity as an actress in theatre, films and commercials

Joseph Crepaldi is the Managing Director and contributes decades of business experience as executive, strategy consulting and director of several boards of both private and listed entities

Having collaborated previously on a few non commercially oriented film projects (which have been awarded good recognition in the short film festival circuit), Caterina and Joseph have decided to make a more substantial investment in the industry, creating JCG Bits Productions, whose goals are to:

- Produce high quality feature films and TV series


- Behave ethically in all circumstances


- Promote emerging talent in the industry by associating it      also with more expert and well known artists, with a particular attention to female talent

- Be commercially sound and internationally oriented

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