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​JCG Bits is developing several film and TV series projects
ghiaccio cover.png
Contro Tre (Dramedy)

Iinspired by Caterina Gabanella's life experience as an elite athlete, from her first steps as a talented youngster to the highest levels of performance in international figure skating. Prior to abandoning it all just before she reached broad international recognition.

Status: In Development
gun in sink - Cover.png
Crimini e Stoviglie (TV Series)

A brilliant undercover detective struggles to reconcile her investigations with her life as a single and devoted mother

Status: In Development
euf 3.png
Euforbia (Family Comedy)

Euforbia is a talented patisserie chef, who is able to solve his customers personal issues by preparing customised sweet.  With the help of two brilliant teenagers (Marta and Matteo( she overcomes a crisis that threatened the very existence of her "magical" shop.

Status: Pre-Production
au pair cover_edited.png
Au Pair (Comedy)

The life of a radical-chic family - considering itself very open minded - is disrupted by the arrival a friend of the youngest  daughter, a popular influencer.  Following the revelation that the new au pair is transgender, all values and routines are shaken in a series of comedic - yet profound - events.  No one is who or what they seem.

Status: In Development
cover margherita pres.jpeg
Margherita al Terzo Piano (Comedy)

Margherita, a young lady – passionate about tango - has apparently abandoned her home in Italy in favour of a tougher life in Barcelona, almost entirely dedicated to raising and providing an education to her younger sister.  What is the truth behind Margherita's funny quirks and lies?

Status: In Development
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