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​Our film portfolio comprises several features films in various stages of development, with expected releases throughout 2022
poster preliminary.png
DarkGame (Thriller)

A sadistic killer broadcasts on the dark web a betting competition whose participants are forced to kill each other.  Police is at a loss as they chase the the criminal and try to prevent further killings

Director: Howard J Ford
Co-Production with: Principal Film Finance
Status: Complete
Release: 2023
nina cover.jpg
Nina dei Lupi (Drama)

In a dystopic future society, a young girl is called to protect an isolated mountain village from an outside aggression.  In doing so, she will also reveal an ancestral link between humans and nature

Director: Antonio Pisu
Co-Production with: Genoma Films
Status: Completed
Release: 2023
poster tarot 1.jpg
The Tarot Code (Dramedy)

A brilliant lawyer a strong, rational and often ruthless woman. Unbeknown to others however, she is in desperate search for love and she finds support in an eccentric tarot card reader

Director: Joseph Crepaldi
Short Film and TV Series Pilot
Status: Post Production
Release: 2023
poster oltre.jpeg
Oltre (Thriller)

Intersecting stories of two families and their dark secrets

Director: Giuseppe Celesia
Co-Production with: Saturnia
Status: Complete
Release: 2023
rip cover.jpg
R.i.p. (Comedy)

A lonely and cynical former novelist, now writer of obituaries, finds a new meaning in life thanks to an unusual and eccentric group of ghosts, who are strangely lively and include a younger version of his own father  

Director: Alessandro D'Ambrosi and Santa de Santis
Co-Production with: Gatto Film
Status: Production
Release: 2023
troppa famiglia cover.jpg
Troppa Famiglia (Comedy)

A family reunites to celebrate the leap year birthday of grand father and grandson.  A lovely event.  Or is it? Old rifts and surprises spoil the reunion

Director: Pierluigi Di Lallo
Co-Production with: Gatto Film
Status: Distribution

Release: 2022
la vera storia cover.jpg
La Vera Storia di Luisa Bonfanti (Docufilm)

The fictional life story of an Italian actress through the 70s and 80s, intertwined with real life events in the dramatic Italian political landscape of those decades

Director: Franco Angeli
Co-Production with: InThelFilm
Status: Released
Release: 2022
cover alcide.jpg
Alcide Berloffa - Autonomia (Documentary)

The story of Alcide Berloffa, commonly recognised as the South Tyrol leader of the Autonomy movement for the Italian speaking population in the region

Director: Franz Oberkofler
First Broadcast Partner: Rai Alto Adige
Status: Released
Release: 2022
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